Updated 1-14-20

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

SC 21 17 MM Field Cast South Carolina Coat Button With Shank!!!

Absolutely Beautiful Confederate Carbine Sling Buckle With An Emerad Green Patina, This Is Truly A Beautiful Plate.

Decent Breast Plate With Both Loops, Small Amount Of Lead Missing By 1 Loop!

13 MM South Carolina Kepi Or Cuff Button!!

Pair Of Civil War Flag Staff Finials!!

Gorgeous Ohio Breast Plate!!!

A View Of Fredericksburg From The Chatham Manor Across The Rappahanock River!!

McElroy & Hunt Ga. Frame Buckle!!

Group Of Civil War "J" Knapsack Hooks!!

23 MM SC 13 South Carolina Coat Button, This 1 Will Be Cheap Enough!!

19 MM South Carolina Vest Size With Plenty Of Gold & Extra Rich BM!!!