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Updated 1-15-19

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck

A View Of Fredericksburg, Va. From Chatham Manor!!!

Handfull Of Va 4's & 1 15 MM Va 5 !!!!

Nice 1738 Cut Piece Dug In Massaponax, Va.!!!!

Bayonet Entrenching Tool!!!

Beautiful VMM Waist Belt Plate!!!!!

Excellent Pewter McClellan Dog Tag Holder!!!!

Beautiful  CS 202 Block R Coat Button!!!

Script A Coat Button!!!!

Dug CS 5 Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button!!!!!

Beautiful Dug Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button!!!!

Beautiful Dug Block C Coat Button!!!!

Another Fine Script Artillery Coat Button!!!

Very Nice Script C Cavalry Coat Button!!

Beautiful Blank Back Script A Coat Button!!!

Excellent Mississippi I Cuff Button!!!

Awesome 55 Base Enfield!!!!

1820's Pewter Eagle I Cuff Button!!!

Killer Toy Cannon Made Of Brass!!!

Beautiful Emerold Green Large Confederate Wishbone Frame Buckle!!!