Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

Marye's Heights Fredericksburg, Va.!!

Updated 11-24-20

Killer .50 Cal. Tn. Rifle Bullet In Excellent Condition!!

Another Killer Tn. Rifle Bullet, .44 Cal. & It Is The Actual Example Photographed In Stelma's Book. If Anyone Has That Book And Wants To Get Rid Of It I Will Take It Off Your Hands!!

My Guy Used The Entire Bullet To Carve His Nipple Protector. Biggest One I've Seen!!

Very Nice Double Eagle Whiskey Flask In Excellent Condition!!

Beautiful CS Saddle Shield Dug By Mike Rejebian Near Jackson MS. The Shield Had A Crack Across The Top And Mr. Robert McDaniel Put His Nice Touch On It & Is Fully Restored!!

Non Dug 5th Maryland National Guard Coat Button!!

Non Dug 5th Maryland National Guard Coat Button!!

Dug 1857 Flying Eagle Cent!!

Published In Kiem's Confederate Buckle Book, Pair Of Confederate Waist Belt Plates!!

Late 19th Century Death Insurance Tags, Kinda Cool Kinda Creepy!!

100 % Toughest Of All Maker Marked Plates Is The Elusive "HUNTER" Not Only Published But We Have The Exact Location Where This Very Rare Plate Was Found!!

Beautiful 23 MM CS 184 Confederate Solid Cast I Coat Button With An Excellent Olive Patina!!

Excellent 1861 Seated Liberty Half Dollar Dug In A Yankee Camp In Fredericksburg, Va.!!

Very Micwe 1877 S  Seated Liberty Quarter!!

Trying A New PayPal Tab. I Have Completed Confederate Buttons, IDK If It Will Work But If Not I Will Work On It!!

Musket Tompion & Disk With P W On One Side & W P On The Other, Recovered Falmouth Va.!!

Perfect Pair Of Bayonet Scabbard Tips Dug In Yankee Camps In Fredericksburg, Va.!!

My Pictures DO NOT Do This ME 1 Maine Cuff Most Likely Kepi Button Justice, It Truly Is An Amazing Example With Nearly 100% Gold Except The High Pionts. Dug In The 1960's At Bailey's Crossroads!!

Killer "Army Of Tennessee" Solid Cast Confederate Waist Belt Plate In Excellent Condition, With 100% Of The Black Enamel And All 3 Hooks Intact. Recovered From Atlanta, Ga. Plate Measures 48MM X 75MM Beautiful Plate!!