Marye's Heights Fredericksburg, Va.!!

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

23 MM NC 8 North Carolina Coat Button With S A Myers BM!!

Beautiful 23 MM SC 15 B 5 South Carolina Coat Button With Rose Gold!!

Nice 22 MM Block A Coat Button!!

Rare 16 MM Small Hat letter "M"

Eagle Cuff & Poncho Hook "Cape Pin" Buttons With Nice Gold, Dug In The Same Hole!!

Killer 23 MM Vt 9 Vermont Coat Button With 95% Rose Gold, Beautiful Button!!

Beautiful 15 MM VG 2 Voltigeurs Cuff Button Scovills BM!!

Excellent Copnfederate Barshot Pistol Bullet!!

Updated 5-22-22

Killer 23 MM CS 68 Confederate Navy Coat Button!!