Updated 3-28-20

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

A View Of Fredericksburg From The Chatham Manor Across The Rappahanock River!!

Killer Confederate 1 Piece Pewter Coat Button, Shank Is MIA But Still A Great Button!!

M&M 164 .38 Lindsay 2 Shot Pistol Bullet!!

SU 407 1840's Furlough Coat High Dome VMI Button, Button Is MUCH Nicer In Hand, Camera Magnifies IDK 30 x's!!!

Rare .58 Cal. Carcano Bullet In Excellent Condition!!!

CS 189 Rare 23 MM Local Script I Flanked With C S!!!

Beautiful M&M # 622 Bavarian Sharps, This Is An Excellent Example!!!

A Must Have In The Button Collecting World And This Warren Tice's Button Book Is In Excellent Condition!!!

Beautiful War of 1812 Silver Officer's Coat Button!!!!

I Have To Apologize, With The New Computer The Settings On The Photographs Have Changed And This Will Take Some Time To Get Them All The Same.

Excellent  .69 Cal.  Nesler Pater, Round Ball to Rim Fire Part 4 #586 Made By NCIDD&B!!

Dug .72 Cal. 2 Groove Brunswick M&M # 39!!!

SU 407 High Domed VMI Coat Button, Button Has A Few Pin Holes In The Back Close To The Rim, Pics Are Magnified & Looks Much Nicer In Hand!!