Updated 8-13-20

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

A View Of Fredericksburg From The Chatham Manor Across The Rappahanock River!!

Here's Another SU 390 Norfolk Academy Coat Button, Noose Is Missing On This Bad Boy!!

Beautiful Silver Eagle I Coat Button In Excellent Condition!!

Excellent Confederate .40 Cal. LeMat Bullet!!

.69 French, .69 Gardner & .69 Cal. Raleigh Arsenal All Have Dings!!

Nice Excavated New York Coat Button, Staright Shank Nice Gold!!

In The Words Of Mr. Hicklen This Is A Drop Dead Gorgeous 23 MM RI8 Rhode Island Coat Button With Nearly 100% Gold, Dug Somewhere Around These Parts!!

Beautiful 22 MM La 3 Louisiana Coat Button , Slightest Push To The Face, Nice Gold , Straight Shank, Hyde & Goodrich New Orleans BM. I'll Find Out Where This Bad Boy Was Recovered!!

Very Nice Maker Marked "W H Smith Brooklyn Recovered Right Down The Road From The House Here In King George "Passapatanzy" Dug In April This Year!!   HOLD!!D.R.

Nice .69 Cal. Prussian M&M # 288!!

Very Nice .577 Cal. Georgia Teat Base Bullet, Dug In Fredericksburg, Va.!!

This Is A Cool Williams Type 3 Cleaner Bullet. The Soldier Modified The Zink Washer And Replaced It With A Bigger Piece Of Lead. Recovered Falmouth, Va.!!

Published Trans Mississippi .69 Cal. Serrated Or Rouletted Minie, Excellent Example!!

.54 Cal. Trans Mississippi Serrated Or Rouletted Minie In Excellent Condition. These Are Tough Bullets To Come Across!!

Pretty 23 MM NH 6 New Hampshire Coat Button With Nice Gold & straight Shank!!

Pretty 23 MM Vt 9 Vermont Coat Button, Slight Push In The Center, Nice Gold!!

Beautiful Chocolate Brown Lead Filled US Rosette, You Know It's Tough To Dig A Nice One These Days!!