Updated 11-17-19

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

C23 MM CS 105 Manuscript A Coat Button!!

Perfect Non Dug La 8 C. Bellenot Louisiana Coat Button!!!

.44 Cal. Colt Bullet Mold!!

US Buckle Recovered From Harper's Ferry!!!

Not Sure Where Shep Ridge Is But Here We Have A Decent lead Filled Box Plate!!!

US "Taco'd" Box Plate, Done By The Soldier For Some Odd Reason!!!

Portion Of Sword Scabbard & Drag!!!

Civil War Period Bugle Mouth Piece!!!

Excavated Cross Saber's!!!

Ellis Snyder Was Busy In Bealton On 9-3-88 , Breast Plate has Seen Better Day's But Still Has That Cool factor!!

Pretty  Nice Breast Plate Dug Somewhere In Va.!!

Rare Jeff Davis Hat Pin With Eaglr Facing Left, You May Find 1 In A thousand Facing Left!!

Beautiful 22 MM Silver Va 2 With Extra Plate BM!!!

Extremely Rare Excavated NY 25 17 MM New York Militia!!!

Beautiful Excavated Silver Va. 5 !!!

Super Hard To Find Va. 6  With the G. Floyd BM!!!

Plenty Of Silver On This Beautiful NY 9 New York Militia Coat Button!!!

Beautiful & Rare NY 28 New York Staff Officer's Coat Button!!!

Smithsonian Institute , They Didn't Have Much On Display On The Civil War!!

Museum In Downtown Fredericksburg, Va.!!