Updated 10-23-20

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

Marye's Heights Fredericksburg, Va.!!

When It Rains It Pours But That's How It Goes Sometimes, LOL Another Nice Lead Filled Rosette Dug In Fredericksburg, Va.!!

Gorgeous South Carolina Cuff Button With 99.9% Gold!! it Actually Looks Non Dug From The Front. Looks My My "Hubble" Camera Ain't So Hubble Like. I'll Get Better Pics In The Morning!! 

Rare Lead Filled Eagle Disc To An Officer's Stirrup. Cool Relic!!

Truly One Of The Rarest Of Civil War Bullets , 4 Piece Shaler In Excellent Condition!!

Rare And Unlisted .44 Cal. Tn Rifle Bullet!!

Nice .54 Cal. Round Nose Nashville Arsenal Bullet!!

.54 Cal. Palmetto Sharps With Huge Uncut Sprue!!

Nice .54 Cal. Palmetto Sharps !!

Beautiful VMI SU 408 With R & W Robinson BM Nice Gold!!

Dug In A Civil War Camp In Fredericksburg, Va. 1856 Seated Liberty Quarter!!

Dug In A Civil War Camp In Fredericksburg, Va. 1854 Seated Liberty Quarter!!

Beautiful 23 MM SC 13 South Carolina Coat Button Dripping With Silver, In Fact You Couldn't Add 1 Drop Of Silver To This Button If You Wanted to!!

5 Dropped .58 Cal. 2 Ring Confederate Gardner Bullets!!

Unlisted Solid Base .69 Cal. 3 Ring Minie!!

Confederate .58 Cal. Plug Base "Fayetteville Arsenal" Bullet!!

.69 Cal. Ringless Prussian!!

Nice pair Of Bayonet Scaabbard Tips!!