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I Love You Guy's And Gals!!!So I Quit Smoking 4 Month Ago, PRAISE GOD!!!!! Ya'll Are Truly The BEST!!!!

"Fredericksburg, Va."

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck

NY 89 16 MM Ulster Guard!!

Absolutely Killer Excavated CS 36 Confederate Staff!!!

Albert's SU 378 Extremely Rare Dug St. Timothy's Hall Coat Button!!

These Were Some Bad Dudes La 30 Madison Infantry!!!

Extremely Rare Jewish Masonic Badge Dug In A Civil War Camp, Note The Star Of David With The Letter "G" In The Middle!!!

The Absolute Very Best Maker Marked US Breast Plate!!

M&M # 189 Ring Tail Sharps

M&M # 349 .58 Cal. French Minie

.58 Cal. US Base Minie

Beautiful Mississippi Box Plate!!!

McElroy & Hunt Confederate Frame Buckle!!!

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CS 130 Manuscript Cavalry Coat Button!!

Absolutely Gorgeous CS 127 Lined C Coat Button!!!

La 7 Sideways Pelican Louisiana Coat Button!!

CS 202 W Dowler Block R Coat Button!!!