Updated 2-16-20

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

A View Of Fredericksburg From The Chatham Manor Across The Rappahanock River!!

M&M # 141 .56 Cal. Colt Reviolving Rifle Bullet!!!

M&M # 465 .54 Cal. Confederate Richmond Labs!!

.40 Cal. Confederate Lemat Bullet!!!

Perfect .54 Cal. Burnside Cartridge!!!

Blown Through 3 Ring Minie, You Normally See These In Gardner Bullets But Every Once In Awhile You Will Get A Yankee Bullet!!!!

Rare Va 20, 23 MM Virginia Local Staff With W Wildt & Son Richmond Va BM. !!!

Excellent CS 181 Confederate Block I Coat Button With E M L & C Richmond Va BM!!!

Just About As Nice A US Buckle Then You Could Ask For, Excellent Example With Full Lead And "Puppy Paw" Studs Hooks!!!

Talk About Rare Dug  CF 2  22 MM California Militia Coat Button, Excavated In Centerville, Va. By Joe Leisch Behind A Bowling Alley I Suppose. How Many Bowling Alley's Are In Centerville? IDK But This Is Truly One Of Those Buttons That MANY Or All Advanced Collections Are Missing. Waterbury Button Co. Extra BM. What A Beautiful Button!!!