Here Are A Few Relics On Deck!!!

Marye's Heights Fredericksburg, Va.!!

Updated 1-23-21

Beautiful 22 MM Va 5 Nice Gold, Young Smith & Co New York BM!!

Excavated New York Coat Button Recovered Manassas, Va.!!

Killer Excavated 23 MM MS 34 Massachusetts Coat Button With R & W Robinson Extra Rich BM!!

Excellent 23 MM CS 184 Confederate Solid Cast I Coat Button With A Chocolate Brown Patina!!

Beautiful 24 MM Ga 2 Georgia Coat Button With W G Mintzer Phila 1861 BM!!

Decent 19 MM South Carolina Vest Button!!

Pretty Little South Carolina Cuff Button With Nice Gold!!

Excellent 17 MM New York Militia Vest Button With Horstmann & Sons Phi. Tough Little Button To Find Excavated!!

Beautiful 15 MM NY 30 New York Cuff Button In Excellent Condition. Recovered In Manassas, Va. About 2' Away From The NY Coat Button I Just listed!!

Killer 22 MM 1820's Silver Militia Coat Button In Excellent Condition!!