New, Gorgeous Thick Confederate Carbine Sling Buckle & Bat Wing With A Beautiful Emerald Green Patina.

$345.00 HOLD!!!!D.C.

New Item's Will Be Found Anywhere On This & All Page's!!

New, "Baby" Ga. Frame Buckle Dug In Giles Co. Va. This Is A Very Thin And Excellent Example. Plate Measures 57.5 MM X 52.4 MM

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New, Standard Ga. Frame Waist Belt Plate in Excellent Condition, Plate Measures 64.3 MM X 54.5 MM Recovered Mechanicsville, Va. Just outside Of Richmond, Va. Plate Has A Nice Body Curve.


New, Very Thick "Beveled Edge" Confederate Frame Buckle In Excellent Condition, Excavated By Bob Scates in Virana , Va. Plate Measures 58.00 X 70.96 MM.


New, Rare 2 Screw Gutter Back Frame Buckle In Excellent Condition, Plate Was Recovered In Knoxville, Tn. Measures 61.5 MM X 69.5 MM. This Is A Rare Plate Indeed.


New, Non Dug Double Marked WH Wilkinson With Inspector Of T J Shepard US Buckle With Arrow Hooks, Excellent Example.

$385.00 HOLD!!!N.A.

New, Beautiful Emerald Green "Baby Beveled Edge" Confederate Ga. Frame Buckle With COA From The Late Steve Mullinax. Plate Was Recovered In Richmond, Va. The Capitol Of The Confederacy. Plate Measures 62.5MM X 50 MM. Reference Mullinax Plate 163 Variant, Keim Plate 284 Variant.


New, Breast Plate Recovered In Bealton, Va. Full Lead, loops Are Rusted Away, Small Freeze Crack Below The Right Leg. Nice Plate Overall!!.


New, Beautiful McElroy & Hunt Ga. Frame Buckle In excellent Condition.


New, Decent US Box Plate Dug 4-24-94 Shep. Ridge


New, US Skin , I'm Not Sure Where This One Was Recovered & It Has Quite A Bit Of Damage But We Still Know It's A Cool Relic None The Less.


New, US Buckle With All 3 "Puppy Paw" Hooks In Tact, Recovered In Harper's Ferry, A Little Lead Loss Around The Edge Which Is Tipical.


New, US Box Plate That Appears To Have Been Cut Smooth In Half And Repaired, Not A Bad Job Either, Not Sure Where It Was Recovered.


New, Model 1870's Indian Wars US Buckle In Fine Excavated Condition, Not Sure Where Recovered .

$125.00 HOLD!!!R.B

New, US Box Plate That Has Had The Edges Folded Over By The Soldier, Full Lead & Iron Loops.


New, #2 Ellis Snyder Was Busy In Bealton, Va. 9-3-88 As he Recovered Several Plates That Day.


New, Small "Gutter Back" Frame Buckle, Plate Measures 55.2 MM X 60.6 MM Recovered Spotsylvania Court House, This Plate Saw Hard Use As belt Tangs Are Slightly Bent. Excellent Confederate Waist Belt Plate.


New, #3 I Would Image This Folded Inward Breast Plate Was Recovered In Bealton, Va By Ellis Snyder in The Late 80's. Cool Relic.


New, Excellent US Buckle In Great Shape, One Stud Is Missing , Full Lead, Nice Chocolate Brown Mixed With A little Green Patina.


New, US Cardridge Box Plate With full Lead, Edges Have Been Stepped Or Driven Over In The Field But It's All There. Recovered In The Area Of The Antietam Battlefield By Ellis Snyder.


New, 1810-1825 Lion's Head Sword Belt Buckle In Excellent Condiotion, Plenty Of Gold On The Face Of The Lion, Dug By Junior Morgan At An Early Camp In King George Va. Same Location As A Mess Of St. Timothy's Hall Buttons Have Been Recovered.


New, Beautiful Triple Marked Breast Plate With full Lead, One Of The Iron Loops Is Has Rusted At The Top And The Other Is Folded Over, Maker Marked Boyd & Sons Boston, US & Inspector T J Shepard. 


New, Decent Breast Plate With Just A Scratch Of Lead missing By One Loop, Both Loops Present Just Folded Over.


New, Absolutely The Very Best Ohio Breast Plate On The Market Or Not , The Detail Is Truly Next To None With Only Minor Lead Loss Around The Edges, I Do Believe This Came Outa Cal Packard's Collection But I Could Be Wrong. Either Way This Is Truly A Remarkable Relic And Would Compliment Your OVM Box Plate Or Buckle.


New, Absolutely Gorgeous US Buckle With Stud "Puppy Paw" Hooks, Full Lead. This Is A Very Nice Waist Belt Plate In Excellent Condition.