RBTRF Vol. 4  # 187 .54 Cal. Confederate Merrill. Bullets In Good Condition, Dug In Port Hudson, La. 


.58 Cal. No Ring  Gardner  Bullet In Excellent Condition.


.58 Cal. US Base Minie, Small Diggers Kiss But Displays With The Best Of Them.


.40 Cal. Confederate Lemat Bullet In Excellent Condition.


M&M # 299 .55 Cal. Suhl Carbine In Great Condition. Excellent Bullet To Add To Your Civil War Bullet Collection.


Beautiful  .54 Cal. Burnside Cartridge In Excellent Condition. Excellent Example.


New, .38 Cal. Confederate "Bar Shot" For Single Shot Pistol. Excellent Condition.


  Gettysburg Dropped 2 Ring Gardners $8.00 A Piece Dropped 3 Ringers $2.95 A Piece And Fired  $2.25 A Piece. No Paypal Tab Here, Just Call, Text, Email , Smoke Signals However You Want To Get In Touch And Will Get Your Order Out. Thanks

M&M # 189 .56 Cal. Confederate Ringtail Sharps In Excellent Condition, Dug In A Confederate Camp Near 

Fredericksburg, Va.


New, .50 Cal. Smith Carbine Bullet In Excellent Condition, M&M # 70.


M&M # 123 .44 Cal Sage Waterproof For Revolver. Bullet Is In excellent Condition. Recovered Stafford, Va. Yankee Camp.


RBTRF Vol. 4  # 187 Page 191.54 Cal. Confederate Merrill Carbine. Excellent Condition.


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Bulk Bullets Are Available As Well

 .58 Cal. US Base Bullet In Good Condition. Beautiful Bullet. Dug By Roger Morgan.


New .44 Cal. "Stanhope" Colt Pistol  Bullet In Excellent Condition, Gettysburg Scene. These Were Sold In The Early Day's As Souvenir's. The Engineering Is Amazing And Pretty Cool Gettysburg Scene.


New,  .577 Cal. Confederate Salvaged Lead Bullet In Excellent Condition Round Ball To Rim Fire 4 # 368.


New, M&M # 515 Excellent .54 Cal. Sharps & Hankins Bullet Dug in Fredericksburg, Va.


.58 Cal. US Base Minie In Excellent Condition.


New, M&M # 622 .54 Cal. Bavarian Sharps In excellent Condition. This Is A Tough One To Get And The Bullet Is In Fantastic Condition.


 .52 Cal. Columbia Arsenal Palmetto Sharps Bullet In Excellent Condition.


Confederate Plug Base  "Fayetteville Arsenal " Bullet .


New,  .577 Cal. Confederate Three Ring Minie, Recovered Just West Of Fredericksburg, Va.


Very Nice .44 Cal. Tennessee Rifle Bullet In Excellent Condition.


New, M&M# 200 Rare .58 Cal. Carcano Bullet In Excellent Condition Dug In A North Carolina Camp In Caroline Co. Va. The .58 Is The Rarest Of The Three Sizes.


New, Excellent Confederate .69 Cal. Nesler Patern, Round Ball To Rim Fire Part 4 #586

Made By The North Carolina Institution Of The Deaf Dumb & Blind. Great Relic.


New, .54 Cal. Confederate 4 Ring Sharps M&M # 178 Bullet Is In Excellent Condition With A Just A Few Dings.


New, .69  Cal. Raleigh Made At The N. C. Institute For The Deaf Dumb & Blind.


New, Perfect .44 Cal. Colt In Excellent Dropped Condition. M&M #80


New, .28 Cal "Root" Revolver Bullet, Actual Example Photographed In Round Ball To Rim Fire Part 3 #805, Ex. Dean Thomas Collection. Bullet Is In Excellent Condition.


New, Pair Of .56 Cal. Ringtail Sharps Bullets In Excellent Condition. M&M # 189.


.52 Cal. Palmetto Sharps In Excellent Condition.


 New, .36 Cal. Starr Pistol Bullet In Excellent Dropped Condition.


New, Rare .577 Cal. Enfield With 55 In The Base,  Tough Tuff Bullet To Get Here And This Enfield Is In Excellent Condition.


New,  .54 Cal. Confederate Sharp Shooters Bullet In Excellent Condition.


New, .69 Cal. "Dot" Base Tower In Excellent Condition, M&M #214.


New, Rare .36 Cal.Sharps Pistol Bullet In Excellent Condition, M&M #625.


New, .69 Cal. Prussian M&M # 285


New, Perfect .577 Cal. Enfield With 57 Base.


New, Pulled .58 Cal. Recut Mold Confederate 6 Ring Bullet In Excellent Condition. M&M # 449


New, Excellent Gardiner Explosive Bullet With Partial Patent On Rim. M&M # 532. This Is A Nice Bullet.