Rare SC 19 South Carolina Local With A Bit Of Silver. Schur & Bland BM Is Obscured, A Portion Of The Shank Is Missing. A little Sepereation Around The Edge But Still A Sturdy Button. So It's Surely Not The Best But Most Are Pushed In One Way Or Another.


 Tx 10 14 MM Silver Republic Of Texas Cuff Button Loaded With Silver. Scovills Produced These Button's In 1837. What A Scraemer. This Tx 10 Will No Doubt Compliment Any Confederate Button Collection.


CS 177 Absolutly Gorgous Script I Tinned Iron Back In Excellent Condition. You Don't Often See This Button And Never This Nice. No Upgrading.


New, CS 162 Extremely Rare Engineers Coat Button Dug By Mr. Bill Morton On Hospitol Hill In Spotsylvania, Va. Warren Tice States " This Is One Of The Rarer & Desirable Of All Confederate "E" Buttons. 26 MM You Can Look But I Believe You Will Be Hard Pressed To Find Another Example. I Guarantee You Will Be The Only Kid On Your Block With This Killer Button.

$4995.00 HOLD!!!!R.B.

Rare CS 143 Dug Tx Cavalry T E Miller  Houston  BM, Dug By Bob Shelton In Millican, Tx. Rarely Encountered With BM


New CS 177 Rare Script I Coat Button With Rivet'D & Solder'D BM. Button Is In Excellent Condition With A Bit Of Gold To Boot.The Shank Is Tilted But Firmly In Place. Very Very Rare Button Here. You See More CS Script I's Than you Do These Buttons. You Will Be Hard Pressed To Find Another. 22MM


 New, CS 17 Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button. CS In The Shield Beautiful Chocolate Brown Patina. Excellent Detail, You Can See The CS From Across The Room. Button Was Dug In Bean Station, Tn. Shank Is MIa Which Is The Case With Most Dug CS 17's. 


New,Va 4 Scovills $ Co Waterbury BM Excellent Button, Straight Shank.


CS 174 Beautiful C Rowley Confederate Infantry Coat Button, Warren Tice States That This Is One Of The Rarest Of All Imported Confederate Infantry Buttons. Excellent Example With A Beautiful Green patina, No Upgrading. Recovered Fort Fisher NC. 


 New, Dug Va 13  15 MM Kent Paine & Co. Richmond BM. Excellent Example With A Dark Patina Front And Back. 

$145.00 HOLD!!!!!

New Items Will Be Anywhere On The Page

Sc 13 Absolutely Gorgeous South Carolina Coat Button Loaded With Gold. Scovills MFG Co. Waterbury BM. No Upgrading This Beautiful Button.


New, Albert's SU 105 Episcopal High School Coat Button Recovered By Roger Morgan. The School Was founded In 1839, 61 Young Men Died Serving The Confederate Army. RMDC.


 New, Rare Unlisted Confederate Lined I Coat Button, Button Is In Amazing Condition With No Repairs What So Ever. This Will Be An Excellent Addition To Any Civil War Confederat eButton Collection. Recovered In The Petersburg, Va. Area.


New, MP 4 Mississippi Infantry Coat Button With Hyde & Goodrich NO BM. Button Is In Excellent Condition With Gold Highlighting Each Letter And The Star. Beautiful Chocolate Brown Patina.


New, 15MM Confederate Staff Officer's Cuff Button Recovered In The Richmond, Va. Area.


NC 1 North Carolina Coat Button With Kent Paine & Co. Richmond BM. This Button Was Dug At The White Oak Museum Before DP Bought It. Excellent Button With A Very Hard To Find BM.


Perfect CS 88 Very Rare CS Over A 17 MM Coat Size Button. These Don't Come On The Market Every Day And When They Do Most Are Dented & Pushed. Nice Gold Around The Rim. These Buttons Are Thought To Be Associated With The Washington Artillery of Louisiana. Very Rare And Desirable Button That Will Compliment Any Civil War Relic Collection.


Tx 10 Republic of Texas Infantry Coat Button. Scovills Produced These Rare Buttons For Texas In 1837. Nice Condition Overall With A Dark Patina That Could Be Cleaned Lightly. This Tx 10 Will Will Compliment Any Confederate Civil War Button Collection.


Tx 10 Republic of Texas Infantry Coat Button, Produced By Scovills For A Texas Order In 1837. Button Has A Moderate Push To The Face But Still A Great Example.


Tx 10 14 MM Republic Of Texas Of Texas Cuff Button Again With The Scovills BM Which Produced These Rare Buttons For The Great State Of Texas In 1837. Button Does ave A Little Silver Around Each letter & The Star. Button Is In Excellent Condition & Once Again Will Compliment Any Civil War Button Collection.


 Tx 9 13 MM Republic of Texas Dragoons Cuff Button, Light Ground Action, Shank Is Missing. These Republic of Texas Buttons Are Getting Harder To Come By Every Day.


New, CS 25A Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button With C Rouyer NO BM. Nice Gold, Shank Is Present. Excellent Button.


New, CS 177  Script I Coat Button With A Beautiful Brown Patina. Very Slick Button, Dug In A Confederate Camp In Fredericksburg, Va.


New, CS 181 Confederate Block I Coat Button With E M l & C Richmond Va. BM. Recovered In Falmouth, Va. And Still Has A Piece Of Cloth On The Shank.


New, CS 182 Confederate Block I Coat Button With A Tin Back, Excellent Example, Recovered In Falmouth, Va.


CS 182 Confederate Infantry Coat Button In Amazing Condition. This Button Has A Beautiful Greenish Brown Patina And Still Has The Original Dirt. Recovered Just South Of Richmond, Va.


Tx 10 Republic of Texas Infantry Coat Button With Light Ground Action, With A Small Push To The Center Of The Button, Scovills Produced These For Texas In 1837. This Tx 10 Will Make A Great Addition To Your Confederate Button Collection,


New, CS 41 22 MM Confederate Army Officer's Two Piece Coat Button. This Button Has Very Nice Gold And Looks Much Better In Person. Iron Shank Is Present. 


New, CS 21 22 MM Army Officer's  Coat Button In Excellent Condition With Plenty Of Gold, Straight Shank. This Is A Beautiful Button That Will Be A Fantastic Addition To Any Civil War Button Collection!!!


New, CS 21 22 MM Confederate Army Officer's Coat Button With The BM Of C Rouyer NO Gold Gilt Highlights The Button Very Nicely. Excellent Example.


New, CS 81 A Non Dug Confederate Army General Service Coat Button With Superior Quality BM. These Can Be Found On Other Sites For Much More.


New, KI 1 Absolutely Stunning Kentucky Cuff Button With Steele & Johnson BM. Button Was Dug In Wilmington NC. Button Has Dang Near 100 % Gold Gilt. Don't Pass This One Up!!!.


New, SU 150 Hillborough Military Academy Coat Button, 19 MM Dug Somewhere In Spotsylvania On 17 South Massaponax Area. I Promise This Button Looks 10 Times Better In Hand. BM Is Obscured But Would Either Be Schuyler Or Extra Quality. This Is A Beautiful Example And You Will Not Find It Any Chaeper Than On this Site As Is With All My Relics. 


New, SC 15 B Silver South Carolina Coat Button 19 MM Dug At The Battle Of The "Battle Of The Wilderness" On Private Property With Permission, Here Is Another Beauty That Looks 10 Times Better In Hand, It Truly Is A Gem.

$225.00 HOLD!!!!!M.M.

New, MP5 Mississippi Coat Button With The Rare C Bellenot NO BM. Most Advanced Collections Are Missing This Button And Once Again You Will Be The Only Kid On Your Block With This One. Excellent Condition, It Will Be A Long Time Before Another Shows Up.

$895.00 HOLD!!!!R.E.

New, Gorgeous La3 Louisiana Coat Button With Hyde & Goodrich NO BM. This Is A Collection Worthy Button For Sure. Simply Beautiful!!!