CS 177 Absolutly Gorgous Script I Tinned Iron Back In Excellent Condition. You Don't Often See This Button And Never This Nice. No Upgrading.


CS 177 Rare Script I Coat Button With Rivet'D & Solder'D BM. Button Is In Excellent Condition With A Bit Of Gold To Boot.The Shank Is Tilted But Firmly In Place. Very Very Rare Button Here. You See More CS Script I's Than you Do These Buttons. You Will Be Hard Pressed To Find Another. 22MM


New Items Will Be Anywhere On The Page

 NC 13 22 MM One Piece North Carolina Coat Button , Straight Shank, Dug In The Capitol Of The Confederacy Richmond, Va. These Buttons Are Die Struck Not Cast. Excellent Example. Hit The Add To Cart And Put It In Your Collection.


Tx 10 Republic Of Texas Infantry Cuff Button, A Bit Worn But All There.


Tx 10 Republic of Texas Infantry Coat Button. Scovills Produced These Rare Buttons For Texas In 1837. Nice Condition Overall With A Dark Patina That Could Be Cleaned Lightly. This Tx 10 Will Will Compliment Any Confederate Civil War Button Collection.


Tx 10 Republic of Texas Infantry Coat Button, Produced By Scovills For A Texas Order In 1837. Button Has A Moderate Push To The Face But Still A Great Example.


 Tx 9 13 MM Republic of Texas Dragoons Cuff Button, Light Ground Action, Shank Is Missing. These Republic of Texas Buttons Are Getting Harder To Come By Every Day.


New, Tice's SC 266 19MM South Carolina Coat Button With Horstmann & Allien NY BM, Nice Gold Straight Shank.


New, Tx 10 20 MM Rupublic Of Texas Coat Button, Slight Push to The Face, Noose is Slightly Tilted But Firmly In Place.


Tx 10 Republic of Texas Infantry Coat Button With Light Ground Action, With A Small Push To The Center Of The Button, Scovills Produced These For Texas In 1837. This Tx 10 Will Make A Great Addition To Your Confederate Button Collection,


New, SC5 Rare Excavated South Carolina Coat Button With Ive's Scott & Co Waterbury BM. Tough One To Find Here.


Tx 17 15 MM Texas Cuff Button With Hyde & Goodrich NO BM, Small Push To The Face But Still A Very Attractive Button With A Ton Of Gold.


Tx 10 14 MM Republic Of Texas Cuff Button, Shank Is Present a Bit Worn But Decent Over All Button.


New, CS 152 26 MM Confederate Engineers  Coat Button In Excellent Condition. S Isaacs Campbell & Co London St James St BM Ex. Bob Shelton Collection.


CS 172 23 MM Confederate Lined I Coat Button With Superior Quality BM, dug By Jack Edland Brea Head Estates On Layfayette Blvd. In Fredericksburg, Va. Small Push, Straight Shank, Beautiful Emerold Green Patina.


New, CS 177, Confederate Script I Coat Button, Blank Back, Shank Is Present , Recovered King George, Co. Va By Myself 5-25-19, Slight Push , Nice Chocolate Brown Patina.


Va 20 Virginia Staff Officer's Coat Button Dug In Fredericksburg, Va. Beautiful Rose Gold And Extra Quality BM.


Tx 10 14 MM Republic Of Texas Cuff Button, Shank Is MIA But This Will Still Display With The Best Of Them, Beautiful Chocolate Brown Patins.


2 22 MM Flower Buttons One With A Ton Of Gold & The Other Not So Much, However These Two Flower Buttons were Dug A Few Feet Apart In The Same Early Confederate Camp As The Abover Va. Dug Last Weekend 5-11-19.


 Ga 4 23 MM Beautiful Dug Georgia Coat Button Recently Dug Down Town Fredericksburg Just Below The Sunken Rd On Lafayette Blvd. Excellent Detail With A bit Of Gold Under That Beautiful Green Patina.


New, NC2 North Carolina Militia Coat Button In Excellent Condition, Scovills MFG Co. Waterbury BM. This Is A Beautiful Button.


La8 Em1 17 MM Louisiana Button That Is Exceedingly Rare In This Size. Excellent Example.


Tx 29 Texas Southern Confederacy Coat Button, This Is The True King Pin Of All Dug Or Non Dug Confederate Buttons, I Have Seen These Go For MUCH MUCH More Than What I Am Asking. This Button Did Have A Push At The 11 O'clock Position Is What I Am Told And I Do Believe Mr. Roland Frodigh Took The Push Out. This One Has It All, Nice Gold, Southern Confederacy Coat Button!!!!


New, Va7   22.5 MM Virginia Coat Button With Silver & Schuyler H&G N York BM, Recovered At An Early Confederate Campsite In King George, Co. Va. There Is A Bit Of Silver Peaking Out From Under The Beautiful Chocolate Brown Patina.


 CS 36 13 MM Confederate Staff Officer's Cuff Button, Tough One To Get Here. Excellent Condition And Will Display Well With The Dug Coat Button.


New, Excavated NC 8 North Carolina Coat Button Loaded With Gold. This Is A Beautiful Dug North Carolina.


Tx 5 Republic Of Texas Army Coat Button, Low Convex Button Which The Push Doesn't Totally Kill The Button, J M L & W H Scovill Waterbury Extra Superfine BM. Still A Killer Example With The Push.


Tx 5 Silver Plated 23 MM Republic Of Texas Army Coat Button, Shank Is MIA J M L & W H Scovill Waterbury Extra Superfine BM.  Low Convex Button So The Push Does Not Kill The Over All Appearance And A Bit Tougher Button To Find In Silver.


 CS 177 22 MM Confederate Script Infantry Coat Button, S Isaaca Campbell & Co London / 71 Jermyn St BM. Recovered In Falmouth , Va. Original Dirt Still On The Button.


Beautiful Va 4 14 MM Virginia Vest Size Button With W H Horstmann & Sons PHI BM, Super Slick Button, Straight Shank Firmly In Place.


CS 67 25 MM Sailin At Ya Confederate Navy Coat Button. This Is Truly One Of The "KingPin" Of All Confederate  Buttons. Recovered On The Coast Of Va. Clear CSN. This Is Truly A Gem In It's Own Right And Will Be The Center Piece To Any Civil War Collection, Dug Or Non Dug

 Va 4 14 MM Virginia Vest Button With W H Horstmann & Sons Phil. Excellent Condition With A Slick Patina.


MP 2 Mississippui Artillery Coat button With Hyde & goodrich NO BM, Button Is In Excellent Condition with No Repairs, Straight Shank.


MP 4 Mississippi Infantry Coat Button With Hyde & Goodrich NO BM, Excellent Condition With No Ground Action.

$425.00 HOLD!!!J.S.

Early 1830's Low Convex Two Piece Silver South Carolina Coat Button With Young Smith & Co. New York bm. Slight Push To The Face, Great Looking Button.


Va 22 Local Virginia Coat Button With The Best W Wildt & Son Richmond Va bm You Will Ever See. Excellent Condition.


La8 Silver Louisiana Coat Button With Bellenot & Ulrich Bm.


 New, SC 15 B 19 MM South Carolina Coat Button With Extra Quality BM, Nice Gold.


 CS 68 Restored confeder5ate Navy Coat Button, This Button Had A Small Portion Of The Rim Missing And It had A Polyurethane Painted On It, Nice Piece Of Cloth On The Shank And An Even Bigger Piece That Was Found With The Button. Priced Accordingly. 


SU 408 Dug VMI Coat Button With The Correct Robinson BM, Nicce Gold Excellent Example.


CS 44 Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button With Excellent Detail & Nice Gold. Beautiful Example Of A Hard To Find Button.


New, 23 MM Silver North Carolina Sunburst Coat Button, Shank Is MIA As Is Common On These, Excellent Example.


New, Va 4 Non Dug Virginia Coat Button With Canfield & Brother Baltimore BM.


New, SC 15 B 19 MM South Carolina Coat Button With Extra Quality Bm.


New, 30 MM Flower Button That Was Dug In The Same Early Confederate Virginia Camp As The Above Va & Flower Buttons.


New, 14 MM Cuff Or Kepi Silver South Carlona Button, Shank Is MIA, Beautiful Button.


New, SU 378 St Timothy's Hall Coat Button, Shank Is Missing But What A Button,Beautiful With About 90% Gold remaining, Recovered King George Co. Va. By Kevin Garner.


New, Tx 20 Texas Army officer's Coat Button, Straight Shank, I Do Believe This Was Dug In The Fredericksburg, Va. Area but Not 100% Sure.

$1295.00 HOLD!!!R.E.

New, SC 15 B 19 MM South Carolina Coat Button, Push To The Face , Strait Shank.