Non Dug Yankee Spur With Period  Replacement Rowel. Condition Is Excellent And Will Display Very Well With Your Cavalry Item's. Rowel Moves freely. This Was Replaced During The War And Very Well Could Have Been A ConfederateThat Replaced The Rowel.


  Dug,Civil War Sword Eagle Head Pommel, Beautiful Emerald Green Patina With No Monkey Business What So Ever. This Is A Graet Relic That Would Compliment Any Dug Relic Collection.

 $110.00 HOLD!!!!

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Here's A Non Dug Civil War Period Crucifix In Great Condition.


 Absolutely Gorgeous Confederate Mississippi Spur With A Slick Emerald Green Patina. Dug Long Ago Corinth Ms. Half Of The Rowel Holder Is Broke Off , File Marks Can Be Seen All Through The Inside Of The Spur, This Is One Of The Hardest Confederate Spurs To Come By.


Extremely Rare Mississippi Spur & Heel Plate In Excellent Condition, Rowel Is MIA But That Is The Case With 99% Of Dug Spurs. The Cavalryman's Heel Plate Was Dug In The Same Hole. Recovered In Richmond, Va.


Silver Cut Piece Of Eight. Recovered From A Colonial House Site In Fredericksburg, Va. You Remember The Saying 1 Bit 2 Bits 3 Bits A Dollar. Well Here You Go, Get Ya a Bit!!


Silver Cut Half 6 Pence Coin, Recovered At The Same House Colonial House Site As The One Above. 


Civil Period Soldier Made Dice, Made Out Of A Piece Lead. These Soldiers Spent Many Many Months In Camp And Had to Occupy There The Time Any Way They Could And Tossing Dice Is A Great Way To Do Just That. 


Two Carved Bullets Made Into Chess Pieces Dug In The Same Hole, These Two Carved Bullets Were Dug In A Yankee Camp In Warrenton, Va. These Are Two Very Nice Carved Bullets & Honestly A Couple Of The Nicer Ones I Have Had In Awhile.

$39.95 For The Pair

New, Civil War Soldiers Ornate Wedding Band Dug In A Confederate Camp In Chester, Va. This Wedding Band Has A Beautiful Chocolate Brown Patina And Is 100% Civil War Period.

$29.95 HOLD!!!C.R.

New, Civil War Soldiers Wedding Band Dug In The Same Confederate Camp As The One Above In Chester, Va. These Are Cool Inexpensives Relics, Just Think What Cool Stories These Would Tell If Only They Could Talk!!!!


New, Enfield Combination Gun Tool, Cleaned & Coated Ready For Display.


New, 1847 Large Cent, Dug In The Fredericksburg, Va. Area At An Old House Site. Decent Coin.

$19.95 HOLD!!!!!C.R.

New, Excavated Colonial Shoe Buckle Dug Just West Of Fredericksburg, Va. This Shoe Buckle Has Stood Up Rather Well.


New, Here's A Cool Relic , Brass Toy Cannon That Is About An Inch & A Half Long That Was Dug In A Yankee Camp In King George, Co. Va. This Toy Cannon Could And Still Today Shoot A .32 Cal. Buck Shot And I Can See A Soldier Driving His Fellow Peers Crazy.