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Updated 12-10-18

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck

Non Dug Tx 10 Republic Of Texas Infantry!!!!!!

Sailing At Yeah CS 67 Confederate Navy, Talk About Kingpin!!!

Beautiful Excavated "Burnside" Breast Plate!!!

Fredericksburg, Va. From Chatham Manor!!

Beautiful AVC Coat Button With Lambert & Mast BM!!!

Rare Confederate Boyle Gamble & Macfee Bayonet Adaptor!!!!

Handfull Of Va 4's & 1 15 MM Va 5 !!!!

1867 5th Regiment Maryland National Guards Button!!!!

1867 5th Regiment Maryland National Guards Button!!!

Tx 10 Republic Of Texas Infantry Cuff Button!!!

Extremely Rare 11Th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer 10 Cent Sutlers Token!!!

Extremely Rare 145Th New York Volunteer Infantry Sutlers Token!!!

Amiri King I Cannot Thank You Enough, I Hope You And Your Family Have A Wonderful Christmas!!!! Thank you

Tx 17 Absolutely Beautiful Texas Coat Button!!!

Beautiful MP 4 Mississippi Infantry Coat Button!!!

Gorgeous MP 2 Mississippi Artillery Coat Button!!!