Updated 8-21-19

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck

A View Of Fredericksburg, Va. From Chatham Manor!!!

New Camera Is Here, Just Need To Learn How To Use It LOL!!

Perfect "Washington Artillery" CS Over A Coat Button !!!

Beautiful " Gutter Back" Confederate Frame Buckle!!

RI8 Rhode Island Coat Button With Excellent Gold, Scovills BM!!!

Dug Vt 9 Vermont Coat Button !!

So Who Need's A South Carolina Button Or 3!!

.69  Cal . Deep Base Gardner!!!

.44 Cal . Tennessee Rifle Bullet!!

.44 Cal . Tennessee Rifle Bullet!!!

.577 Plug Base Fayetteville Arsenal Bullet!!

.40 Cal. Confederate Lemat !!!

.52 Cal. Columbia Arsenal Palmetto Sharps!!

Beautiful SC 13 South Carolina Coat Button Loaded With Gold!!!

SC 14 23 MM South Carolina Coat Button Horstmann BM!!

SC 13 South Carolina Coat button !!

SC 15 B 19 MM South Carolina Vest Size Button !!

SC 15 B 19 MM South Carolina Vest Size Button !!

SC 15 B 14 MM South Carolina Cuff Button Loaded With Gold!!

Rare Va 21 Local Virginia Coat Button With W Wildt & Son Richmond Va BM!!!

Rare Etched CSA Lead Filled Pewter Buckle!!!