Updated 6-21-19

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck

A View Of Fredericksburg, Va. From Chatham Manor!!!

Unsearched .577 Cal. Enfields With Boxwood Plugs!!!

Excavated NC8 North Carolina Coat Button Loaded With Gold!!!

Beautiful Excavated Confederate U Tongue Frame Buckle!!!

CS 177 Confederate Script I Coat Button!!

Beautiful SU 378 St. Timothy's Hall Coat Button!!!

Beautiful 1840's William Henry Harrison Presidential Campaign Button!!

Hand Chased 1812 Artillery Coat Button!!!

Small Group Of Civil War Relics, Sash buckle, Buttons, Coin!!!

Small Group Of Civil War Relics, Buckle, Flower Button, Rosette!

Small Group Of Civil War Relics, Rosette, Coins !!

Beautiful confederate Engineers Coat Button!!!

A Few Recent Digs!!!

27 Flat Or Coin Buttons Dug In King George Co. Va.!!