NH 6 New Hampshire Cuff Button In Great Shape, Nice Gold Highlights And Sharp Detail. excellent Button To Add With Your  New Hampshire Coat Size.


Here's A Nice Early Wings Up Artillery Coat Button 1820's-1840's BM Is A Continuous Cross, Straight Shank And A Bit Of Gold Gilt To Boot.


What An Incredable Dug War Of 1812 United States Infantry Button. Absolutly Gorgous. Nearly 100% Silver. Shank Is Missisng But It Still A Fantastic Button. Impossible To Upgrade.


New, Federal Riflemen's Coat Button, Horstmann & Sons PHI BM, Nice Eagle R With Gold, Dug In Falmouth, Va.


 Non Dug  Ms 35 Bs 1 Massachusettes Cuff With Goldsboro Rifles BM. 14 MM 


1830's-1840's Silver Infantry Coat Button, Excellent Detail. Hit The Add To Cart And Put It In Your Collection.


New, Overcvoat Eagle C, 23 MM This Beautiful Cavalry Overcoat Button Was Dug By Mr. Bob Scates At 7 Pines, Va. In 1968. Scovill MFG Co. Waterbury BM. Nice Gold Displays Well.


WC 1 Wisconsin Coat Button, 22 MM Goddard & Bro Extra BM, Very Slight Push To The Right Of The Shield, Very Nice Example.


New, Dug Pa 18 Pennsylvania Ciat Button, Shank Is Missing And I Would Imagine That Is Why The Soldier Lost This One.


New, OC3 15 MM Ordnance Cuff Button Dug In Stafford Co. By Kevin Garner, Scovills BM


New, NY 40 New York Engineers Cuff Button Dug In New Kent Co. By Bob Scates, Excellent Example.


New, 23 MM Overcoat Eagle C, This Beautiful Cavalry Coat Button Was Dug By Bob Scates, Extra Quality BM.


Eagle C Cuff Button With Gold, Button Is In Excellent Condition, Inexpensive Relic That Is Ready For The Display Case.


Yankee Eagle I Cuff Button, As The One Above Very Inexpensive Button Ready For The Display Case, Waterbury BM.


Huge 28 MM Flower Buttons Dug A Foot Apart, Excellent Condition And Beautiful. Possably Unlisted Maine?


14 MM Federal Navy Button, Scovills BM, Plenty Of Gold Gilt,


15 MM Federal Navy Button With Scovills BM. Not Sure Where This One Was Dug But It Is A Decent Button With A Ton Of Gold Gilt.


New, 22MM 1 Piece Flower Button Dug In A Civil War Camp In King George, Co. Va. Extra Rich Superfine BM.


Eagle C Coat Button In Excellent Condition, 21 MM, Scovills BM, Beautiful Chocolate Brown Patina, Recovered Falmouth, Va. 


New, CT 13 23 MM Connecticut Coat Button With Scovill MFG Co Waterbury BM, Nice Rose Gold, Straight Shank.


New, Pa 38 23 MM Pennsylvania National Guard Coat Button In Excellent Condition.


New, 23 MM Dug Pa 18 Pennsylvania Coat Button, I Can Make Out Horstmann PHIL& Co On The Back Mark. Excellent Condition With Plenty Of Gold. Rim Has Been Repaired At The 1 O'clock Position.


New, 23 MM Overcoat Eagle I Button Dug By Bob Scates, D Evans Attleboro Mass BM. Excellent Condition.


New, NY 40 New York Engineer Corp Coat Button, 20MM  Dug In New Kent Co. By Bob Scates, Scovills BM


New, General Service Eagle Buttons 8 Coat 2 Cuff, All Dug In And Around The Fredericksburg, Va. Area. All Have Shanks And In Great Shape.


New, WC 1 22 MM Wisconsin Coat Button, Extra Quality BM. Nice Gold.