Here's A Nice Early Wings Up Artillery Coat Button 1820's-1840's BM Is A Continuous Cross, Straight Shank And A Bit Of Gold Gilt To Boot.


CT 13 Connecticut Coat button With Ackerman & Mixer BM, Push To The Face No Shank.


Beautiful 20 MM Unlisted Patriotic Shiled Button With The RMDC Of Scovill MFG Co Waterburry. Beautiful Gold!!


NY 9 22 MM New York Militia Coat Button Produced In The Early 1800's, Shank Is Missing.


Beautiful 23 MM Vt 9 Vermont Coat Button That Was Recovered From Harrison's Landing, Straight Shank, BM Is Obscured, Excellent Gold.


New, 1840's William Henry Harrison Campaign Coat Button That I Recently Dug Here In King George Co, Va. Nice Gold Highlights, Benedict & Burnham Extra BM.


22 MM GS 21 Excavated Staff Officer's Coat Button, Not sure Of Loacation But Extremely Hard To Upgrade This Beautiful Button.


22 MM  MD 11 Maryland Coat Button In Excellent Condition, Straight Shank, Scovills BM. Looks Like A Small Repair On The Back Of The Rim.

$225.00 HOLD!!D.R.

Beautiful MS 35 22.5 MM Massachusetts Coat Button In Excellent Condition, Recovered Harrison's Landing.


Beautiful 24 MM 1812-1815 Silver Untied Staes Infantry Coat Button With Shank.


24 MM War Of 1812 officer's Coat Bytton Loaded With Silver Plate, Albert's GI 51J A M Peasley Boston BM. Shank Is MIA But This One Piece Button Is Still A Killer Relic.


New, 14 MM Massachusetts Cuff ButtonDug In Stafford Co. Va. Pretty Button With Excellent Detail And Gold.


New, The Absolute Best Excavated Eagle R Coat Button On The Planet LOL. You Here It All The Time But My Cheap Ass Won't Buy A Decent Camera "Cuz I Aint No" Photographer" But This Eagle R Is Killer With 99.5% Gold And Where It looks To have Ground Action Is Not Ground Action I Just Can't Take A Good Picture. This Is A Beauty With Wm. H Smith & Co New York BM. If You Collect Letter Button's This One Is A Screamer And Impossible To Upgrade.


New 23 MM MS 27 Excavated Massachusetts Coat Button With Rich Quality London BM, Straight Shank. Nice Button.